How to Increase Your Website Conversion Rate

The question we hear all the time is, “What should my conversion rate be for my website”? The short answer to this is…you want it to be as good as you can make it. Conversion rates based on industry are pretty much a myth! The conversion rate of your website depends on many variables including: the people that visit your website, the time of the day, the weather, the time it takes your website load – the list literally goes on.

So, how do I increase my conversion rate?

Before we dive into the mechanics of how to increase your websites conversion rate, we need to agree on something first…

Not all visitors to your website are going to be potential buyers of what you sell regardless of where they come from!

To understand this further, we can separate your website traffic into the following categories:
Tyre kickers 35% – Website traffic that visits your website for some purpose other than buying. They have no intention of buying at all. No matter how much you optimise your website they will never buy from you.

Brand Lovers 10% – This type of website traffic is going to complete a behaviour on your site you deem as a conversion irrespective of how hard it is. For example, if your website isn’t mobile friendly, they will persist with it to buy what you sell no matter how hard it is. Even to the point of jumping on their computer to make it easier to soak up the good stuff they are getting from you.

Interested Website Traffic 55% – These are the people that are looking to buy what you sell but aren’t sure if you are the one they want to buy from. This is generally the largest portion of website traffic, and the main group that we conduct website optimisation activities for.

Please note: The above percentages are approximations only. These percentages depend on how well your marketing efforts are directed to your target audience.

Data Collection

Data is your best friend when looking to optimise your website for conversions. Especially Collection of Quality Data. Quality over quantity is true when it comes to analysing your data to get a clear understanding of the results conversion rate optimisation…to a point. You still need to have enough quality data to begin with before you beginning analysing your results. One conversion or 20 website views generally isn’t enough to get a clear understanding of the results of your CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) activities.

Tip: Be patient. Great things take time to happen. The more quality data you gather from your website conversion rate optimisation activities the better the end result will be.


When analysing the data of your CRO activities, you will discover trends begin to appear. Some trends you will begin to notice are:

  • Time of day conversions occur
  • How the weather of that day affected the trend (yes, really!)
  • The day of the week
  • The time of the year (holiday times, specific events etc)

Trends are important to take into consideration when reviewing the data in order to determine the results of your CRO activities. If you see a spike in your conversations make sure this isn’t due to your brand lovers buying something you sell because it aligns with a specific time or event. This type of data can lead business owners a stray when trying to optimise their website for conversions.

Website conversion rate optimisation takes patience, desire and the right CRO tools. ZipSites offer professional website conversion rate optimisation services for many types of businesses. Contact us to request a free proposal.

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