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Base your business decisions off data, not assumptions

Utilise the power of data to track, measure and optimise the way you engage with your audience.

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No Data? No Difference.

Measuring and analysing your data is key to making rational decisions you know will make a difference. When you make your business decisions without supporting data, you’re assuming your customers’ needs.

Without marketing performance and customer data, you’re left isolated and disconnected from your audience. Understanding their wants, needs and customer journey is crucial to the success of your business.

Are you playing guessing games?

  • Acting on assumptions
  • Lack of understanding of your audience
  • Unsure of your websites processes & customer interactions

Operating your business without utilising all the data available to you is like driving a car blindfolded… (let’s not do that.)

Make decisions backed by accurate, relevant data

Optimise your customer journey through the use of data to meet them exactly where they are in your marketing funnel.

Nurture your relationships, provide better user experience and improve your website with our data analytics, measurement and optimisation tools and techniques.

We'll help you...

Our Tools & Techniques

Put our tried-and-tested data analytics and measurement techniques to work for you.

Google Analytics

  • Track goals, events, internal search & more!
  • Capture clean & accurate data you can understand
  • Maintain & optimise your Google Analytics account (not a “set & forget” tool)

Google Tag Manager

  • Add & update scripts & tags to a website
  • Improve your ease of use, page speed & more!
  • Centralised platform to manage & deploy tracking tags & scripts

Data Visualisation & Reporting

  • Create custom reports
  • Turn raw data into meaningful statistics
  • Gain a better understanding of your business processes

Attribution Modelling

  • Increase brand awareness across all platforms
  • Build positive, trustworthy brand association amongst consumers
  • Meet your customers exactly where they are in your marketing funnel

Audience Segmentation

  • Create tailored marketing messages that resonate
  • Identify your most profitable customers & those who require more attention
  • Segment via demographics, behaviour, engagement level, customer journey stage & more!

Get the most out of your digital data

Reach your full potential with our data driven tools and techniques, proven to help you gain audience and market insight, optimise your business processes and make business decisions you know will make a positive difference.

Experience, as a result;

  • Stronger relationships with your customers
  • Better user experience & customer journey
  • Improved success of your website and digital marketing campaigns

Why Choose ZipSites?

Experienced Team

With a background in digital marketing and years of experience, our data driven tools & techniques have transformed the way businesses analyse and measure their data.

Trusted Service

Our reputation of trusted, exceptional service and creative innovation is reflected in the success of our clients and our 5 star reviews across Google and other social media platforms.

Real Results

Transform raw, overwhelming data into meaningful insights & statistics. Build strong relationships with your audience, gain valuable insights, all whilst testing and tracking your performance. 

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Set yourself up for success with the help of our innovative digital marketing strategies.

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