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Metric #1

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is the process of optimising your page to ensure search engines understand your content and help it rank for relevant keywords. On-page SEO is more than simple keyword optimisation, and many people fail to see the iceberg under the surface. Increase your visibility in search and return on investment with our holistic on-page SEO approach.

  • Title Tags
  • Meta Tags
  • Headings
  • Keywords
  • Technical Specs
  • & much more!

Metric #3


Reduce bounce rates and minimise friction by optimising for usability. Engineering a unique, easy and positive experience from the second user’s land on your page is a technical and psychological artform, crucial to the success and reputation of your business. Your website is your biggest investment, get the most out of it through optimised usability.

  • Desktop View
  • Tablet View
  • Mobile View
  • Legible Font Sizing
  • Tap Target Sizing
  • Core Web Vitals

Metric #4


Factors such as page speed, size, server response and more, all have an effect on the performance of your website and overall user experience. With the power to negatively impact your rank in search, ensuring quality performance is key to improving your rank, usability and overall return on investment.

  • Page Speed
  • Page Size
  • Resources Loaded
  • JavaScript Errors
  • Image Optimisation
  • Compression & Minification

Metric #5


Creating and maintaining an active, engaged social audience is a cost-effective way to build strong and sustainable brand awareness. Posting regular content that adds value to your audience builds trust, authority and establishes a clear line of communication between you and your audience. Harness the power of social influence and redirect qualified users back to your website with our expert team.

  • Social Accounts
  • Followers & Activity
  • Facebook Open Graph Tags
  • Facebook Pixel

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