The 5 Top Reasons Why You Need A Responsive Website

Responsive website design

With the advent of smartphones and tablets, mobile internet usage has worked its way into the daily lives of people. In fact, according to a global factsheet posted by the GSMA on mobile internet connectivity, there are now over 3.5 billion mobile internet subscribers in the world.

Smartphones and tablets have become the primary devices that people use to access the World Wide Web. As this trend of mobile surfing is only set to increase in popularity, responsive website design is no longer an innovation – it has become a standard component of any SEO strategy

If you aren’t yet reaping the benefits of upgrading to mobile-friendly design, here are five compelling reasons to optimise your website for mobile devices.

Improved Website Usability

If users can’t navigate your site easily, they likely won’t stick around.

Responsive website design makes your site easier to read and navigate, improving the experience of users and providing them with a good reason to stay on your page. This leads to repeat visitors and increased conversions. Google also rewards sites that offer excellent user experiences with higher search engine rankings, as they consider the time users spend on your site as a fundamental indicator of your website’s value.

Decreased Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is related to the time users spend on your site. If you have a high bounce rate, Google will interpret the short dwell time as a signal that your content isn’t relevant to the searcher’s needs. The consequence for your website will be a negative adjustment in your Google rankings for that specific query.  

Aside from content, users are also interested in design. The content may be relevant but if the design hinders easy comprehension, users will leave the site. With a mobile responsive design, you can display your content in a crisp and clean environment that enables non-disruptive browsing.

Boosted Social Sharing

Responsive web design is meant to make social sharing quick and easy for the most dominant online demographic – mobile users. A website that’s not mobile-friendly will be unappealing to users, who will be put-off from navigating social sharing buttons designed for desktop use only.

While there’s constant debate on the impact of social shares on SEO, increasing a page’s visibility on social media will obtain more visitors and help boost the relative value of your webpage. A bigger audience means more traffic and increased engagement, which will definitely make Google take notice.

Lower Maintenance Needs

Maintaining a separate mobile site needs additional support and testing. In contrast, responsive web design utilises standardised testing methodologies to ensure that the website features optimal layouts on every device and screen. Responsive design’s ‘one size fits all’ tactic means fewer headaches for developers, online users and you. Spending less time on maintenance also frees you up to focus on the other aspects of your business such as marketing and content creation.

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