Paid Ads

Get your brand seen.

What is it?

Paid ads or paid advertising refers to any kind of advertising that one has to pay for. Paid ads can appear on Google, Facebook, or any other online platform, and they are an effective way to expose a company’s name to larger audiences. There are different ways of paying for ads: pay-per-click (PPC), pay-per-impression (PPI), or display ads. The variety of options allows personalised marketing with a high return on investment.

How will it work for you?

While paid advertising requires some financial input, its ROI is generally worth it. Unlike in the case of organic traffic, the target audience is reached with less effort and less time wasted.

However, even paid ads have their industry ins and outs. Whether it is through Google Ads or Facebook Ads, there are various factors that can influence the success of this marketing strategy. Campaign setups, keyword research, and ad analysis and optimisation can make or break high conversion rates.

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