Why choose Zip360° Marketing?

Brand Exposure

Every medium is utilised – digital, social, inbound, outbound, online, offline. The customer will be exposed to the brand everywhere; they will experience communication no matter where they are. The brand is strategically presented at all points of contact, encouraging the consumption of the product.

*80% of sales are made on the 5th-12th contact.

Track & Target Your Audience

The strategy covers the entire consumer cycle, from discovery to purchase to repeat customer. Zip360 increases customer lifetime value and develops a powerful sense of brand advocacy. Customers will not only recommend the brand to others, but also return to it themselves.

*In the US, poor customer service costs businesses US$41 billion per year.

Optimise Your Strategy

Successful lead generation happens through optimisation. By analysing and optimising accumulated data across all facets of Zip360 Marketing, the brand can react to customer preferences and boost conversion rates. It facilitates an efficient up-to-date approach to the targeted audience.

*79% of marketing leads never convert to sales, with a lack of optimisation and nurturing as the most common cause for this poor performance.