The following core features extend across all of our websites and packages…

Easy to Edit
All ZipSites are built with WordPress drag and drop editors so it’s easy for you or your team to make required changes.
Mobile Friendly

Your ZipSite will be fully responsive for any device, which will also boost your Google ranking.

Free SSL

An SSL is included absolutely free with your ZipSite, adding an extra layer of security. This will again boost your Google ranking.

Built for Conversion
Your ZipSite will be designed with clear “call to action” points, creating leads and enquiries towards your business.
We implement the latest website security measures to ensure your businesses online presence upholds your brands standards.
12-Monthly Review

Every 12 months we will review your ZipSite to ensure it is still fresh and utilising the latest technology.

Professional Strategy
The ZipSites strategists will professionally plan your site from the start to ensure it meets your business goals.
Client Portal
Your ZipSite comes with 24/7 access to your portal account, where you can do everything from communicate with us to access marketing tools.
Daily Backups
Backup, backup, backup. Your ZipSite will never be in doubt with daily backups. You can rest assured that your site will never get lost in the unlikely event of a catastrophe.
Your ZipSite will be able to grow with your business. Create as many pages and posts as you require. You will always have us there to hold your hand if needed.
Premium Hosting

Say goodbye to slow loading times. Your ZipSite will live on premium location-based Amazon cloud hosting, to ensure maximum site speed.

Marketing Integration
Need marketing integration? Who doesn’t… your ZipSite will come ready to gather data with CRM, Facebook and Google integration.

Video is a neccessary content form for nearly all business marketing strategies. All ZipSites come with the ability to display your videos in prime locations on your site.

Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger is a perfect way to allow your customers to live chat with you for free. Don’t bother with other live chat tools that incur a monthly subscription fee.
Lead Generation Forms
Build your network to market to with lead generating contact forms. ZipSites will link to MailChimp to build your database.
No Lock-In Contracts

You are free to leave at anytime with no obligation. Unexpected events happen, we know that, you can leave Zipsites before the term is up. No questions asked.

Want all these features included in your new website?